About Us

Little Piggy Zoo is a cute, fun and family friendly Guinea Pig Petting Zoo that provides hands-on children's education and entertainment that EVERY CHILD LOVES! We specialise in creating an engaging environment while children and parents can enjoy patting, brushing and playing with our unique and diverse mix of cute, furry friends.

Little Piggy Zoo donates to the RSPCA to support and make a difference to animal welfare across Australia.


Our Story

In 2017, with a passion for her piggies and a dream to create a hands on and fun experience for kids - founder and owner of ‘Little Piggy Zoo’ Tizena Bachmann purchased a few pop up gazebo’s, designed a few signs and took her unique collection of pigs to a market stall. Inundated with children and parents fascinated by these cute little animals, Tizena saw a niche’ market opportunity to expand and build on this ‘fun idea’ to the amazement of those watching this business rapidly grow. This was the beginning of Little Piggy Zoo.

Tizena Bachmann is passionate about helping people go after their dreams and her vision is to empower and equip women in developing nations acquire the skills needed to provide for a brighter future!